As a spiritualist, she hosts and coordinates healing circles, spiritually based festivals, and workshops. She is the current Healing Workshops and Performances Coordinator for the Healing Arts Festival in Sacramento, CA as well as the Workshop Coordinator for Tribal Vision Festival in Taos, NM. She established and previously facilitated Dark of the Moon Women’s Circle which is a new moon women and women inclusive ceremonial and sharing circle in Sacramento, CA. She has also has held other circles and spiritually based workshops such as Heart Opening & Crystal Meditations at Sunlight of the Spirit in Sacramento, CA.

Her spirituality is based on the connection between all living things in nature and the universe, both through energy and Spirit. practicing her spiritual path mostly through Shamanism, she also incorporates many different faiths into her practice including but not limited to different paths of Paganism, Buddhism, Cuban & West African Goddess Worship, Hinduism, and Curanderismo. She is a devotee of Grandmother Moon, Mother Mary, and Santa Muerte. She believes that Mother Earth is very much alive and we should protect her and listen to her. She adheres to the belief that all things in the Universe are connected and because of this, everything we do affects everything and everyone else. This then heightens the importance of intention and action in everything we do both this lifetime, and the next. She is open to learning from all wisdom traditions that come with a message of love and compassion for all.

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