Passion and Purpose are My Guides

Maia’s life purpose is to help the healing of herself, other people, animals, and the earth through music, art, & community building.

Her most current and active endeavor is her solo music project Tree Skeleton which includes music and sound healing recordings and performances. Tree Skeleton has been her main focus since 2016 and her debut album came out the summer of 2018. On occasion, she is also still active performing under the name Wet Mango, her first solo electronic music project she has traveled extensively with since 2008.

As a spiritualist, she hosts and coordinates healing circles, spiritually based festivals, and workshops. She is the current Healing Workshops and Performances Coordinator for the Healing Arts Festival in Sacramento, CA as well as the Workshop Coordinator for Tribal Vision Festival in Taos, NM. She also has hosted women’s new moon circles and meditations under the name Maia Healing.